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Psychological difficulties can often emerge from experiences of trauma. Individuals caught in road traffic accidents can be left with psychological injuries long after the physical injuries have healed. Equally, individuals left with disabilities, either through incidents at work or at home, can find it difficult to adjust to their new lives. Their personalities may change and they may become more stressed or anxious or depressed.

Compensation claims for psychological difficulties arising from accidents are increasing and Midlands Psychological Services have been providing such reports for the last decade.

As with all of our cases we act as a Friend of the court it does not matter who instructs us, we will act entirely objectively and independently. Along with interview data and information from other sources we will use a variety of specialist psychometric tests that can assess the response of the individual to the traumatic experience. We will also be aware of confabulation and malingering, and comment upon its likelihood given the clients presentation and the results of their testing.

We are also mindful of the effects of head injuries and may pass the assessment over to our Neuropsychologist for comment.