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Typically a letter if instruction should outline the parties in the case and their legal representatives. A brief summary of the case should be included along with the most up to date status of the case. A statement regarding the basis upon which we are instructed is usually included.  The letter of instruction should also include information on who is funding the assessment. Typically this is the Legal Services Commission and the instructing Solicitor should include a copy of the Legal Services Commission agreement with the instructing letter.

The Instructing Letter should also include any specific questions that the Court wish answered. Ideally these should not be too general as we automatically investigate an individuals social, educational, relationship, employment and family history as part of the assessment, but should instead focus on the specific areas that are pertinent to the court proceedings.

Whilst we rely on the clients self-report for much the information, we also need information that corroborates or refutes their response. In Criminal Cases information such as Probation Pre-Sentence reports, witness statements, Inmate Medical Records, Previous Social Services involvement, List of Previous Convictions/Cautions and witness statements are useful.

In Care Proceedings or Child Protection issues, information should include Social Workers and Guardian ad litem reports, Court Welfare Officer reports, previous Social Worker involvement, Chronologies of events, Statements from parents, Statements of agreed facts, results of Parenting Assessments and medical records, particularly previous Psychiatric or Psychological involvement.

For Personal Injury issues, medical records, witness statements and statements of the injured party, reports from other consultants (e.g. Neurology reports) and Accident site Photos are helpful.

If we find during the assessment we need information that we do not have, we will of course contact you.

We are often asked to “hold” an appointment until a letter of instruction is prepared. Due to the nature of our business we can only hold an appointment for five working days. After that time we may give that appointment to another instruction.

We are often asked to attend court to give evidence. This, however, may sometimes mean that we have to cancel patients or contracts in order to attend. Because of this, if we are asked to attend court and that request is cancelled within one week of the court date we will charge for the full amount. When you instruct Midlands Psychological Services we provide you with a copy of current schedule of fees and our Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully.